Since 1977
Fernandez Ceramic Tile
 In 1977, my Father, Sam Fernandez came to San Antonio on vacation to visit his brother. His brother was a Tile Setter who happened to have a lot of work at that time; he asked my Father if he could help him out while he was here, And well the rest is history he called the factory in Chicago where he was employed and told them he was going to stay in San Antonio and lay Tile. Thus began a long career as a tile setter in and around the city of San Antonio, he fell in love with the art of being able to transform a house into a home by bringing to life the customer’s vision. As the years went by he had kids and had all of us start working with him from a young age. My name is Jacob Fernandez I am the youngest of 8 and I am currently the proud owner of Fernandez Ceramic Tile, a company that my father started and put his heart and soul into. In 2013 my Father retired and I took over the company as the sole proprietor.
I started laying tile in 2004 during the summer and weekends, there was always something I loved about seeing the customers face full of joy when we were done with the job, I knew then that this was something I wanted to do forever. I may have changed the face of this company and the way we do business to a more modern style, but the love for the trade and hard work my father based this company off of way back when has not changed one bit. I am here to make your visions become a reality and make you fall in love with your home all over again.